Dogliani DOCG

Grape: Dolcetto 100%
Municipality of production: Monchiero (CN)
Number of bottles produced each year: 3500
Training system: Guyot counter-espalier
Vineyard exposure and altitude: south 380 mt. a.s.l.
Type of soil: mainly clayey and calcareous
Age of vines: 35-45 years
Planting density: 4500 plants/ha
Yield/hectare: 60 tonnes/ha
Harvest period: middle/end of September – manual harvest
Wine–making process: alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 6/7 days, with temperature-control and daily pumping over.
Maturing: in stainless steel tanks for a period of 6/8 months
Organoleptic Analysis: the expression of the Dolcetto vineyard in the area of Dogliani: the colour is dark ruby red, it is very deep and with strong violet tones. There is a big quantity of scents which are strong and give different sensations with flower tones and small red fruits flavours.
Serving temperature: 17°-18° C
The Dolcetto of Dogliani shows its features at best when tasting: first rich and clean and then a pleasant and full-bodied development thanks to its tannic texture which is present but not too strong. At the end it has a soft almond nut taste and a good tasting persistence. It is a wine that can already be appreciated in the first months of bottling, but it gives its best after a proper refining in bottle.